A Touch of Whimsy

wpid-1387683487878.jpgThis nail set is an Acrylic work, rhinestones and hand painted Whimsy-inspired art.

All nail art is customizable and eager to meet your challenges! For contact information, please email me at theworks@sheerbeauty.info or visit my Facebook page for more info!


Hey my awesome Bloggers.

I haven’t post much lately, But trust me I have been super busy making nails Jolly and Bright!! Trying to get things for Christmas done and ready for the New Year.  I have lots of new things coming our way for Sheer Beauty in 2014. Make sure that you check out my Face Book page  and see the new fun things, policy and price changes.

Hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright!

Lot of love,  MiSsY